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This film carries us away into the Alaska
of our souls.

Franz Hohler, Writer

So it is life itself that brings Fred Böhler to
the point of truly embracing life.

Christoph Egger in the NEUEN ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG

The sensuous "experience-ability" of Nature is the real theme of ULTIMA THULE.

Gerhart Waeger in the FILMBULLETIN

...Nature becomes pure poetry!

ULTIMA THULE is a bold trip to an Atlas of
longing and nostalgia. It takes courage,
in an age of stress and noise, to celebrate
exactly the opposite with romantic
transfiguration: serenity carries us into a
fantastically enchanted world.

Wolfram Knorr in DIE WELTWOCHE

With ULTIMA THULE filmmaker Hans-Ulrich
Schlumpf creates the unique portrait of a
man who wanders through the landscape
of his soul, hovering between life and


Fred Böhler's soul sets off on a journey to
the edge of the world, to the borders of
life, where he discovers an existence in
which knowledge must submit to mystery.

Fred Zaugg in DER BUND

Ultima Thule is a wonderful essay about
the magnificence of evolution...

Christoph Schneider in the TAGES-ANZEIGER

Ultima Thule – A journey to the edge of the world, a very beautiful film presented yesterday by Swiss filmmaker Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf. Set against a magnificent narration rendered in a softened tone by a human being who finds himself hanging somewhere between life and death, Schlumpf constructs a story which hovers progressively on the edge of life, «connecting» it in this way with the rhythm of the evolution of nature on this earth... His film is permeated with truly magnificent images... Not to be overlooked is the quality of the musical score by composer Fazil Say, ephemeral but never imposing.... Filmed mainly in Alaska, Ultima Thule –  Journey to the edge of the world is one of those works which inscribes itself surreptitiously into the souls of those who see it.

Marc-André Lussier in LA PRESSE reporting from the screening of the film – at the Festival des films du monde in Montréal, 2006

A beautiful film, hypnotizing, poetic, a far cry from the frenzy of action films, Ultima Thule ... was the most mysterious and the most original piece in the program... Its unhurried rhythm, the marvelous music of Fazil Say, the splendid camerawork – all that, combined with the destiny of the injured man at its core, results in a work that soars to great heights.

Odile Tremblay in LE DEVOIR reporting from the screening of the film – at the Festival des films du monde in Montréal, 2006